What to Do with Your Dress After Prom

prom dress donation

Now that prom season is officially over, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your prom dress. Whether you’ve got a formal event coming up that you can rewear your dress to, or you’re looking to give it away, we’ve got all the best options for you to choose which one best fits you:

1. Preserve It
Much like a wedding gown, some girls choose to preserve their dress either to pass down to their future daughters one day, or just to have for keepsake. If you plan on preserving it yourself, here are some helpful tips and “how-to’s.” Another option is getting it professional preserved, which saves you the hassle of doing it yourself and will put your mind at ease that it’s being done right.

2. Donate It
Another great option to consider is donating your dress. If you know that you won’t be wearing your dress again, why just have it sit in the closet when you can donate it to someone who can’t afford one? Everyone deserves to look special at prom, right!

If you’re in MA here are a few places to donate:
Belle of the Ball (accepting donations starting February 2016)
North Shore Fairy Godmother
Priceless Prom Gown Program

If you’re not local, you can always call your local Goodwill to see if they accept donations. If that doesn’t work, another great option is calling high schools in your area to see if they have any ideas or any programs that they run where you can donate.

3. Wear it Again
If you really love your dress and can’t imagine giving it away or preserving it, another option is to alter it for you to wear it again. Many dresses only need a few slight alterations to turn them into formal dresses vs. prom dresses. For example, if you have a long gown, consider shortening it so that you can wear it to a formal party or wedding this summer.

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