10 Beautiful Pageant Dresses for 2015

In New England, pageant season is in full swing. The 2015 Miss Massachusetts pageant is fast approaching, beginning June 26, and the New Hampshire regional competitions are starting to heat up … which means it’s time to start finalizing those wardrobe decisions.

Every pageant girl knows that what you wear on stage can make or break your shot at winning a title. From the formal wear competition, to the outfit you choose for the talent portion of the show, your wardrobe plays a big part in helping your personality & beauty come across on stage.

In our opinion, the best pageant dresses strike a balance between being memorable, elegant, and unique. Here, 10 of our favorite pageant dresses that meet that criteria for 2015.

1. Tarik Ediz 92271

Tarik Ediz 92271_1_lucy

2. Xcite Prom 30424

Xcite Prom 30424A


3. Jovani 4247

Jovani 4247_gunmetala_front_copy

4. Mac Duggal Pageant 91055

Mac Duggal 81616P_blk_2


5. Jovani 944

Jovani 944_copy

6. Mac Duggal 48100H 

mac duggal 48100H_ElectricBlue_PC

7. Mac Duggal 64736H

Mac Duggal 64736H_Ivory_Gold_PC

8. Mac Duggal 42608P

Mac Duggal pageant 42608P_Royal_Purple

9. Jovani 77757

Jovani 102_77757

10. La Femme 18553

La Femme 18553_Apricot_F

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