Glitterati Style Watch: The Miss USA 2018 Pageant & The MAJOR Trend Shift in Evening Gowns

Tonight is the preliminary competition for Miss USA 2018, and our whole team at Glitterati is buzzing in anticipation about our favorite part of the competition…. Evening Gowns! (Oh come on, did you really think we’d say swimsuit?)

Nonetheless, we have a prediction regarding an emerging trend we anticipate will dominate the Miss USA 2018 evening gown catwalk this year…. We have hunch based largely on a foreshadowing trend we couldn’t help but notice from last year’s evening gown parade. While sparkling crystal dresses and classic silhouettes are here to stay, there is one key detail in the evening gown competition that is a MAJOR trend shift happening under our noses. One dominant design theme has been disappearing from the stage and is now being replaced by another.

 Do you know what it is?



 ^All these top performing evening gowns of Miss USA contestants from 2011-2014 include a sparkling detail that is placed on floral or ivy pattern of sorts; be it on the bodice, an overlay, a bejeweled/sequence pattern, or an accent. This gown detail appeared on most contestant’s evening gowns through these years.

At last year’s 2017 Miss USA evening gown competition, we noticed that very few contestants incorporated this ever-popular design on their gowns. Bejeweled floral/ivy patterns on evening gowns are quickly phasing out and off of the stage.  The new, emerging evening gown trend has been appearing on the scene since mid-2015 and has become far more prominent on The Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss America Competition stages.

At The Miss USA 2017 Evening Gown Parade, it was hard to not take notice of the stark trendy difference:



All these 2017 competition gowns have a design concept in common: they feature a lot of geometric lines, elongating piping detail, exaggerated curves and patterns. (They give us the feeling that their designers oogled into a kaleidoscope for a gust of inspiration.)   The emerging trend is all about lattice line patterns and shapes that look like they jumped out of a 10th grade Geometry textbook, with a bit more sparkle and pizzaz than sophomore year’s math homework.

Even our crowned winner Miss District of Columbia USA 2017, Kara McCullough, had this on-trend detail on her winning dress’ bodice!


Glitterati Prediction for Miss USA 2018 Evening Gown Competition:

We expect to see more gowns looking like they were inspired from an architect’s sketchbook rather than a gardener’s flower bed.

This new trend started making waves sometime around 2015 when Nia Sanchez wore this stunner on the Miss Universe stage

As far as the micro-trends go: Velvet dresses, shimmying tassels, cape dresses and flyaway skirts; those polarizing elements that leave the audience split – we expect to see some of those trends too. Keep your eyes peeled!

M Tilley


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