Four Creative Ways to Re-Wear Your Glitterati Prom Dress Again & Again!

Your magical Prom night is over and your gorgeous Glitterati gown is hanging in your closet looking as elegant as it did the day you tried it on. Nonetheless, there are many ways to rock your gown again and feel as fabulous as you did at prom night, and if you do it right, nobody will notice you’re re-wearing the same dress. Maybe you’re tempted to re-sell your prized gown online for ¼ the price, however it’s far more beneficial to keep it around for life’s upcoming occasions. 

The secret: It all comes down to styling & re-purposing the dress

  1. Enter a Pageant (You already have the Evening Gown!) Perhaps you are a go-getter who wants to enter a competition for the first time – your Prom dress can be the perfect gown for the evening gown competition! Aside from winning the coveted title, you can win A LOT scholarship money and prizes.

2.) Wear it again to a boat cruise – this time, style your hair a radically different way & change the way you accessorize. It will feel like a whole new look! Dinner cruise attire varies depending on the type of cruise and the dress code they require. However, it is best to err on the more formal side. 

If a the cruise has a formal dinner: 

Full length evening gowns are appropriate. You can accessorize your look with heels, elegant jewelry, flawless makeup, and glamorous hair.

If a the cruise has a Semi-formal dinner: 

Short cocktail dresses are appropriate. You can accessorize your look with heels, elegant jewelry, flawless makeup, and glamorous hair.



Post-prom and post-high school, life will throw MANY formal occasions your way, be it family weddings, sorority formals in college, a boat cruise, a boyfriend’s work gala, or even a last-minute prom invite from a friend….Whatever the occasion – there WILL be another event that you’ll be grateful you still kept your gorgeous Glitterati gown.

Accessories can truly make or break a look. If you wore statement earrings at prom, change it up by wearing a statement belt or necklace, or choose a bold accent color, like red, to change up the styling.

Many of our Prom customers who purchased this Glitterati dress have felt inspired to re-wear their gown after seeing the style waltzing the red carpet at the Met Gala

MetGala Glitterati

3.) Have a fun photoshoot or wear it for a senior portrait.  Maybe your Instagram is gaining such a strong following, that a top casting agent is going to notice you. Maybe you’re feeling fabulous and want to have a fun photoshoot in your favorite dress.  Your prom dress is perfect for a modeling photoshoot! 


*Photo by Jeff Jean @jjeanphoto

This stunning style is not just for prom! Bianca Palumbo of @BiancaBlogs styled this sensational caviar beaded Glitterati gown perfectly for a night out at the Opera- she accessorized with a bold red shoe, red lip color & red hair piece. Perfect look for a night out or a Gala.


Shop Bianca’s look on our website here.

4.) Book an alterations appointment & have your gown cut into a cocktail dress.  Now that you’ve re-worn your Glitterati Gown for a Pageant, your cousin’s wedding, a charity gala and styled your dress differently each time – it’s time for a fresh new look! There are MANY more occasions in life that require a cocktail dress or have semi-formal attire, so at this stage in the game, you’re ready to make the slice! C6A39834-1D9F-4D24-9135-1883C8C9FA94

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