Remember Your Prom with a Memory Book

prom scrapbook
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Now that most of you have had your prom and have had time to revel in the last of your senior moments, it’s time to make sure you won’t soon forget those memories. We’re talking about a prom memory book! If you’ve never made a memory book before, we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to include to preserve your prom memories:

1. Make a memory book:
Think of your memory book as your very own prom scrapbook. To start out, you might need to run to the craft store and grab some scrapbooking supplies, so that you can make your scrapbook look as authentic as you can.

2. Next, add photos:
Remember those silly pictures you took with your friends? These will be the perfect way to remember all the fun you had on your prom night. Don’t forget to include the professional photos too!

3. Preserve your corsage and add it in:
Looking back at your memory book and seeing your corsage a few years from now will definitely bring a smile to your face. If you’re wondering how to preserve it, you can either spray it with hairspray (at arm’s length) and press it in to your book, or hang it upside-down in a warm, dark place for a few weeks before gingerly putting it in your book.

4. Save your table number and the invitation and add them in:
If you’ve ever made a scrapbook, you know that the little things like invitations, ticket stubs, and table numbers are perfect things to accent your book.

5. Add a swatch from your dress:
While we’re not asking you to cut up your dress, if you have any extra fabric from the tailor, it would be perfect to add to your book, so that you can always remember your gown.

6. Next, write down your favorite memories:
The best part about your memory book will be writing down the little things about the night that you don’t want to forget. Whether it was your favorite song that you and your date danced to, or the funniest inside joke that your table had, you’ll want to include all the little things too.

7. Seal it with a kiss:
After all the time you spent getting your makeup perfect, why not immortalize it in your memory book with a lip print?

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