How to Prep for Prom 2015: Start Saving


Each month we’re bringing you a new tip to get you ready for prom, so once May comes the only thing you’ll have to worry about is looking your best! This month we’re starting from the beginning and digging in to the nitty gritty of money 101 with our 4 best saving tips:

1. A little goes a long way
Whether it’s saving your lunch money a few days a week and packing your lunch instead, or opting out of your coffee run for the day, saving a little extra money each week will definitely add up. Just think, an extra $40 a month can mean an extra $280 for your prom gown!

2. Don’t shop till you drop
This might be the one time that we’re telling you not to shop as much! While you shouldn’t stop shopping cold turkey, make sure you’re setting a budget before you hit the mall. Pick a few statement pieces that you know you need before you go to your favorite store and make sure you aren’t impulse buying. Don’t worry, it will all be worth it once you’re able to buy your dream dress this spring.

3. Start a Piggy Bank
Whether you’re putting your extra change into a jar or saving your holiday and birthday money, starting a savings is the best way to make sure you have extra money for prom. Just think all your extra money could mean a spa day with your BFF’s before the big day!

4. Go the extra mile
Whether it’s picking up an extra babysitting job or tutoring a younger student in math, every little bit counts. If you’re out of ideas for ways to get extra money on the side, team up with your girlfriends and see if you can put your heads together to come up with some fun ways to help out.

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