How to Have an Amazing Prom Night

For most of you, prom night is probably just days away, which means crunch time is in full effect! While you’re still sorting out the last-minute details of hair do’s and accessory decisions, don’t forget to stop for a minute and take it all in. After all, prom only happens once, so here are a few tips to make your prom night as amazing as possible.

1. Eat something
While eating is probably not the first thing on your mind while you’re in the midst of all the prom hoopla, it’s probably the most important thing you’ll do. Don’t let looking good in your dress make you skip a meal before you go, grab a quick snack before you head out for pictures just in case you prom doesn’t include a dinner.

2. Don’t stress
Prom is one of your last hoorahs as a senior, so don’t let stress ruin your night. Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, brush it off and let your last big dance with your friends be one of your best senior memories.

3. Take in the little moments
You know the saying, “it’s the little things that make the biggest difference” and prom night is no different. Don’t forget to step back and appreciate the little things—dancing with your crush, group selfies with your friends, and looking gorgeous in your new gown.

4. Take photos
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so get snapping! Whether it’s taking full advantage of the prom photo-booth or snapping goofy pictures in the limo ride, you’ll be thankful for the 100+ pictures on your camera roll this summer when you’re reminiscing about this night.

5. Have fun!
Last but not least, let your hair down (not literally if you’ve got an updo), and dance the night away.

prom prep

Are You Ready For Prom?

Okay girls, prom is less than a few weeks away, (or maybe even sooner for some of you) so to make sure you’re 100% ready for the big day, we’ve given you a last minute prom checklist. Whether you were born ready or need a few gentle reminders, here are the things you need to have all set before you walk out the door:

1. Is your hair appointment all set?
Even if you booked your hair appointment months in advance, call the salon and double check that your appointment is all set. It’s also a great idea to ask your hair dresser if you can do anything beforehand, i.e. a lot of times your hair dresser will prefer that you don’t wash your hair the day before you go in so as to have your natural oils set in. It’s also a good idea to wear something loose, that way once your hair is done you don’t have to worry about fitting a turtleneck over your head and messing up your hair.

2. Do you have the right undergarments?
Whether it’s a strapless bra or no-show panties, make sure that you’ve tried your undergarments on with your dress so you know it fits right and nothing will be showing in pictures. 

3. Do you have the right tape and pins to keep your dress in place?
If you’re planning on not wearing a bra because you have a low cut dress, make sure you have some double stick tape to keep your gown in place.

4. Have you broken in your shoes?
We can’t stress this one enough! There’s nothing worse than being in pain on prom night because it’s the first time you’ve worn your heels since getting them. We suggest wearing them around the house for half an hour a night the week before prom to break them in and have them shape to your feet.

5. Have you tried to pack your purse?
You’re going to want to do a purse test run a few days before prom to make sure you can fit all of your essentials in. Make sure your have a spare lipstick, concealer, wallet, and your phone before you leave the house.

6. Have you ordered the boutonniere?
Don’t forget your dates boutonniere. Make sure you order it in advance so you’re not stuck on prom night without one to give to your date.

7. Have you bought tickets?
This one might seem a bit obvious, but don’t forget about the tickets. With all of your prom prep, tickets might be the last thing on your mind, but make sure you get them in advance (and don’t forget to pack them in your bag) so you can get in without a hitch.