10 Beautiful Mother of the Bride Dresses

While it’s true that a wedding is technically all about celebrating the bride and groom,  when it’s your daughter who is getting married, the wedding becomes The Big Day for you, too. You’re marrying off your child, throwing a party for your closest family and friends, and will likely be in many of the photos from the day. Which means you’ll want to look your best.

If you’re unsure what to wear to your daughter’s wedding, we’ve pulled some of our favorite options for every style to help you find “the one.”

Your Style is: Elegant & Sophisticated
Your style could best be described as chic and timeless. You prefer to avoid trends, and opt instead for classic pieces and silhouettes.

A streamlined silhouette and a deep red hue make for a dazzling, but understated combination.

Lara designs 32419

A classic long black dress, without and bedazzled details or ornate embroidery, never goes out of style.

La femme 21085_Black_F

Your Style is: Fashion-Forward
You’re not afraid to try a trend, and enjoy interpreting the latest looks and newest styles for your wardrobe.

Lace is a huge trend in the bridal industry right now, but in a gorgeous ruby hue, there’s no chance you’ll be mistaken for the bride in this dress.

vm collection 71035

A one-shoulder dress with asymmetrical beading is unconventional enough to demand attention, but sophisticated enough for even the most formal of weddings.

VM collection 70510_003

Your Style is: Glamorous & Bold
You love an excuse to get dressed up, and when you do, you go all out. You think details like beading or shimmering fabrics aren’t just an option, but a requirement.

A beaded overlay elevates a this navy dress from simple to stunning.

VM collection 71011_0-3

This long sleeve stunner is worthy of a once in a lifetime occasion.

Tarik edix - 92230_1_cadyna

A bright blue hue is perfect for a mid-summer wedding.

mother of the briede dress

Your Style is: Simple & Understated

You like sleek silhouettes, minimal embellishments, and classic colors, and prefer your look to be no-fuss and comfortable.

This scoop-neck sheath and matching jacket is easy and elegant. (Not a fan of the rose color? It comes in black, too). Either way, it’s the perfect canvas for statement jewelry.

Jean De LYs 29456

This peacock blue dress is embellished with tonal beads, which add flourish without being over-the-top.

VM collection 70836_030

Though this color may be a little bold for you, this lovely dress comes in a variety of neutral shades, too, like pale gold, black, ivory, and nutmeg.

mother of the bride dress green

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