What to Do When You Second Guess Your Dress?

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When it comes to getting ready for an event, there’s nothing worse than second guessing your outfit. Even if you’ve tried it on a hundred times, you always have that moment of doubt that you’ve chosen the wrong color/shape/accessory. So what do you do if you start to second guess your prom dress? To help you through your doubt, we’ve got a few tips to make you feel 100% sure of your decision sure come prom night:

Take a Deep Breath:
It’s totally normal to have second thoughts about your dress, but take a deep breath and remember why you chose this dress in the first place. More than likely you’ve already gotten second and third opinions from your BFF/mother/sister/boyfriend, so take comfort in the fact that they’ve approved your decision and know that they wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Get the Facts Straight:
If you’re a list making type of person, make a list of all the reasons you chose your dress. You’ve been preparing for months before you went shopping, and unless you chose the first dress you tried on, more than likely you had a few options to choose from. Whether it was the amazing shape that drew you in, or the way the color brought out your eyes, write down all of the pros of your choice, and watch your doubts disappear. Remember, you chose your dress for a reason!

Dress It Up:
Sometimes when you second guess yourself, it’s because you’re not feeling your best. We’ve all had days where we try things on and just aren’t feeling 100% about our outfits. If you’re trying on your prom dress, make sure it’s on a day you’re feeling on top of your game. If it makes you feel better, do a practice run where you put your makeup on and do your hair by yourself, so you can see what the final outcome will look like. Once you’re glammed up, you’ll feel better about your choice in no time!

While second guessing your dress is normal, disliking your choice even after you’ve calmed down and thought it out, isn’t. If you chose your dress based on your friend’s opinions or because someone else had your dream dress, remember it’s not too late to change it. If your dress isn’t worn, most places will gladly accept returns, so you can go in and pick out the one you really love. Remember, it’s your prom and your choice!




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