What to Pack in Your Purse for Prom

prom bag
via http://www.fashionmagazine.com

The day you’ve been waiting for is almost here! While you probably have a thousand things on your mind before you head out into the glitz and glam of prom night, don’t forget to pack up all of the prom night essentials that you’re going to need after you’ve worked up a sweat on the dance floor. So to make your packing a little easier, we’ve broken down some of the things that you don’t want to leave home without:

The Essentials
Make sure to pick a bag that will fit all of the essentials, including: tickets, your license, some extra cash, and your cell phone.

Bobby Pins
While your hair stylist will probably put more bobby pins in your hair than you’ve used all year long, it’s never a bad idea to keep a few in your bag in case of a hair emergency. After all, you never know when a fly-away will pop up and you’ll need a few bobby pins to keep it down.

Breath Mints
Whether or not your prom night includes a dinner, breath mints are definitely a must. Just think, Cinderella wouldn’t have wanted to go into her midnight kiss without minty fresh breath… right?

Safety Pins
Stocking up on some safety pins and stowing them away in your bag in case of any dress mishaps will ensure that you’re 100% prepared for anything, because when you’re jumping around on the dance floor, you never know what may happen.

While we’re not telling you to try and stuff all of the contents of your makeup bag into your purse, lip gloss, powder, and blotting papers will definitely come in handy for a mid-prom bathroom trip with your girlfriends.

Compact Mirror
Just in case you need to double check your lipstick quickly in the limo, you’ll be happy you brought along a mirror to save you from any lipstick-on-the-teeth moments.

Trust us on this one, if you’ve been dancing all night, you’ll need a band-aid or two to keep your feet from screaming in pain every time you take a step.

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