What You Need to Know About Prom Dress Alterations

jovani prom dress 2015
Last week, we shared some of the best places to get your prom dress altered around Boston. This week, we’re continuing our alteration education with some tips for getting your dress to fit exactly the way you want.

1. For the perfect length: Before you go see your seamstress, you should have your shoes picked out. Having your shoes with you when you go to your first alteration appointment will ensure that, should you opt for a 5-inch heel when you thought you’d be going for a 2-inch one, your dress will end up too short. A good rule of thumb to follow when deciding upon the length of your dress: most designers recommend the hem of your gown lightly touch the floor.

2. When to add bra cups: There are a few reasons you might want to consider adding bra cups to the bodice of your dress. First, if the gown bunches in that area or is too big, the cups can help the dress maintain its proper shape. Bra cups should also be considered if wearing a regular bra with your dress will be unsightly, difficult or uncomfortable. Consider bra cups if your dress is backless and can’t be worn with a bra, or if you have a strapless style, so you won’t have to worry about your bra peeking out above the top of your dress.

3. Fitted, but not tight: If you’re getting your dress taken in remember this: once your dress is pinned in place, try sitting down. If your dress feels like it might burst, or sitting is downright impossible, have your seamstress loosen up the pins. Most prom nights start off with a seated dinner, and if your dress is too tight to sit down in, your night will be off to a rough start. To prevent a strapless gown from falling down while still allowing enough room to sit comfortably, the gown should fit snugly in the bodice, but should be fitted, not tight, throughout your rib cage, torso, and hips.

4. Consider undergarments: Like your shoes, you should plan to have your undergarments picked out before you go to your first dress fitting. Wearing a bra can make a dress fit more snugly, while shapewear can make the fit appear looser.


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