How to Find a Flattering Prom Dress

flattering prom dress
via Sherri Hill

So you’ve been researching…ahem, drooling, over all of the gorgeous prom dress styles, but how do you know which dress is flattering on your body? Just how every dress is different, every girl has a different color, shape, and material that fits their body just right and we’re here to help you pick out the best one. So whether you’re pear shaped or are more of an apple shape, here are some tips to picking out the most flattering style.

1. Choose a Length
Are you a petite gal or are you on the taller side? Do you prefer short dresses or long gowns? Asking yourself these questions will help you to realize what length gown you should be on the hunt for. Remember if you’re a petite girl, make sure to err away from a gown that will overwhelm your small frame. Empire waist dresses and dresses with vertical detailing will create a longer frame, aka legs for days!

2. Silhouette
A good silhouette is key in choosing the perfect dress for you. Make sure you know which body shape fits you and play up to your most positive assets. If you’re more of an apple shape, balance things out with a mermaid skirted bottom or an empire waist gown. If you’re pear shaped, try an A-line dress or a classic ball gown. If you’re an hourglass shape, you have a few different options that will flatter your curves: try a corseted bodice or a strapless gown. Remember you know your body the best, so think of your favorite thing about your body and play it up!

3. Simple or Detailed?
Have you been pinning beaded and embellished dresses on Pinterest or are you sticking to simple gowns? While both options are perfect for prom, make sure you’re staying true to what works for your body. Added embellishments along your hips will accent your curves, while detailing around your neckline will bring the focus upwards. If you’re thinking of staying simple, a classic silk silhouette will be slimming and will show off your shape.

4. The Neckline
Whether you’re thinking of off the shoulder, strapless, or v-neck, know that the neckline can make or break a flattering dress. Plunging v-necks can be a great way to accent a small chest and a strapless gown is a great option for girls with a bigger bust. If you want to show off your slim shoulders, try an off the shoulder look!


Keeping all these things in mind while dress shopping will ensure that you have the most flattering gown on your big day!



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