Prom Accessories: Trends for 2015

When it comes to accessorizing for Prom, we have to say less isn’t always more! While we’re not telling you to go overboard with accessories, you’ve got to think about shoes, jewelry, and of course hair accessories. So whether you’re looking to sport a little arm candy (and no we’re not talking about your date) or are thinking of accenting your look with whimsical hair clips, we’ve got 5 prom accessory trends to watch out for this year. Check them out:

prom accessory
via olsensanonymous

1. Arm Candy
One of the biggest trends this year is the cuff. Say goodbye to those bangles and hello to a simple arm cuff. Whether you’re thinking of a colorful stone cuff or a simple gold band like MK is wearing, this is one accessory you don’t want to leave behind.

prom accessories

2. Dazzling Shoes
For shoes this year, think of them as an accent to your outfit. You’re going to want your dress to be the main focus, so keep your shoe game simple. We love Felicity Jones’ romantic heels—they’re just the right balance of classic and flirty.

prom accessories
via Glamour

3. Sequin Clutch
While your bag all depends on your dress, we love this year’s sequin clutch trend. This is especially great if your dress is on the simpler side.

prom accessories
via Popsugar

4. Simple Earrings
A simple pearl or diamond drop earring is the way to go this year. A fancy up-do will complement this look perfectly.

prom accessories

5. Hair
While you want your hair to be making its own statement, there’s never anything wrong with adding a few finishing touches. While intricate headpieces are great for those adventurous prom gals, we’re loving the simplicity of Blake Lively’s floral hair clip. It accents her style perfectly without drawing too much attention away from her dress or hairstyle.

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