Prom Prep: Workout Tips to Get Fit For Prom

prom workout tips
via Seventeen Magazine

Now that the holidays are over and all of the holiday treats are gone, it’s time to start getting active! Whether you’re planning on hitting up the gym or doing a few at-home exercises after school, it’s important to get into a workout routine that you’re comfortable with. Don’t worry we’re not talking about heavy-weight style bulking up, we’re talking about starting with lighter reps to tone those muscles and lean out your prom figure!

Here are some go-to workout tips to get you started along with a few key exercises that you should try out:

1. Find an activity you like
If the gym just isn’t cutting it for you, find an activity you enjoy. Whether you check out an after school yoga class or start a running group with friends, it’s all about staying active and getting your cardio on. If outside activities aren’t an option in the cool weather, try a Youtube workout video or a Pilates DVD.

2. Stay hydrated
If there’s one thing that trainers can’t stress enough: it’s to stay hydrated. Throughout the day, make sure to keep refilling your reusable water bottle and don’t substitute soda and coffee for some solid h2o!

3. Don’t forget to stretch
Warm ups and cool downs are just as important as the actual workout. Make sure to pencil in a minimum of 5-10 minutes of stretching before and after your workout.

4. Know which areas you want to work on:

Upper Body (Arms & Shoulders): If your dress is strapless, backless, or halter style you’ll definitely want your upper body to be in the best shape possible. Here’s where simple bicep curls, shoulder raises, or back lifts come in handy. Exercises like swimming, rowing, or general weight lifting are great options too.

Abs: While you always want your abs to look good, if you’re thinking about a dress with cutouts, or a crop top, then abs should be your #1 focus. Yoga, Pilates, and sit-up style exercises should be your new best friend for the next couple months so that you can get as close to Rihanna style abs as possible!

Legs: If your dress is on the shorter side, you’ll want your legs to be as toned as possible (think Victoria’s Secret model limbs here!) Running, biking, squats, and weight machines are great options to tone your legs.


Don’t forget to let us know what activities you’ll be trying!


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