How to Prep for Prom: Gather Hair Inspiration

The prom countdown is on now that 2015 is looming closer, and we’ve got you covered with the next step in your prom countdown: getting hair inspiration ideas! So whether you’re a hair guru or are a towel-dry-and-go type of girl, we’ve got 4 easy ways to get inspiration so that your hairstyle will be one more thing you can check off your prom to do list.

1. Scour the web:

soft tease
via seventeen

Websites like Seventeen Magazine and Buzzfeed have amazing tutorials like this and this, and Pinterest has a great stock of hairstyle pictures that’ll be sure to give you tons of options. So whether you use it as a guide to bring to your hairdresser or as a tutorial to DIY on prom night, they’re definitely worth looking at. You can even make a “hair inspiration” folder on your computer to save all your favorite styles.

2. Celeb stalk

via popsugar

Is there a celebrity that you just can’t get enough of their hairstyle? Whether it’s Ariana Grande’s infamous ponytail or Taylor Swift’s gorgeous, curly locks, you can use their look as your inspiration.

3. Start collecting magazines

via vogue italia

Whether you’re checking out street style pictures of Blake Lively out grabbing Starbucks or are drooling over one of Vogue’s photoshoots, take time to circle, cut out, or highlight some of your favorite looks. It might be fun to make a day of it and have your girlfriends over for a hair inspo party (the more magazines, the merrier)!

4. Ask your hair stylist for inspiration

via loyalblocks

Is there anyone that knows your hair better than your hair stylist? If you go to the same hair salon on the regular, you might want to ask your hair dresser for any suggestions that he or she might have for your hairdo. More often than not, you can schedule a practice run so that they can try out different styles and make sure the one you’ve picked looks 100% like how you wanted it to.

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