Dressing One of Boston’s Best Ballerina’s for a Black Tie Gala Event

Recently, Glitterati had the pleasure of working with three generations of accomplished women in a family memory that they’ll cherish forever. Here, one of our employees recounts the fun day of dress shopping they had together.

“Serena Sovdsnes is a 17 year old ballerina with the world class Boston ballet, one of the youngest ever. She will be attending the Boston ballet gala in February. Originally from Ohio both mom and her grandmother accompanied her.


They were so surprised to find the quality and enormous selection offered at Glitterati. Serena Sovdsnes is a 5’9” lovely strawberry blonde, who, as you can imagine looked lovely in everything ~ her dance training was apparent as her posture and how she held herself. She brought elegance to each gown. She was giddy with the fun of all of the beautiful gowns. And, this, a reaction from someone who, at her early age, wore some of the most beautiful costumes in the world.


It was heartwarming to see the love and pride in the eyes of her mother and grandmother. Her mom had recounted, humbly, that she remembered the feeling when she wore the title of Miss Ohio, years ago. And grandmother recounted how she spent 3 paychecks for her prom dress and was angry that the boy she had her heart set on, had not asked her to attend prom with him. She realized later in life that he didn’t have the money but was too embarrassed to say so. ~ But he did capture her heart and they had a happy marriage for 60 years until he passed away within the last year. With all this in mind Glitterati was touched to be part of these three women’s lives, grabbing the opportunity to be together in this special rite of passage. Such lovely people, past present and future.”


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