How to Prep for Prom 2015: Get Involved

prom planning

If you’re the one your friends are always going to for the best advice for party planning or the best new music, than what better way to ensure that you have the best prom possible than to get involved with your school’s prom committee? You’ll get a first hand in picking out all of the fun details like the theme, decor, and music. To give you a better sense of what getting involved actually involves here’s some of the things you’ll be doing:

1. Selecting a Venue
Whether you want to have your prom at a classic banquet hall or have something a little non traditional in mind, the prom committee gets to make all the who, what when, where decisions that’ll make the big day special.

2. Picking Out a Theme
Choosing a theme might just be the best part of the prom. You can make it fun or classic depending on the personality of your class.

3. Decorating
Do you want a photo-booth or a beautiful flower wall? The prom committee will give you the chance to scour Pinterest all you want for fun DIY ideas that will make the little details a big thing.

4. Music
We all know that the music selection can make or break a good dance night, so if you’re always making playlists being part of the music selection is a must!

5. Food
You know what they say: food keeps people happy, and even though dinner might not be the most important part of prom, a good meal always puts people in a good mood. Plus choosing what type of food your night will include will you an excuse to taste test your favorite restaurants in town (yum!)

6. The After Prom
After the fun of prom is all done, you’ll make sure that the after party is something to talk about!

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