Prom Dress Trend 2015: The Crop Top

Crop tops have been a huge trend in ready-to-wear over the last few seasons, popping up on everyone from celebrities (like Taylor Swift at the I Heart Radio Music festival this summer, below), to festival-goers, to girls at the mall.


So, it’s no surprise that the trend is making its way over into evening wear. We’ve seen a big increase in the number of crop-top styles offered by dress designers, and we’re calling it early: The crop top is going to be a huge trend for prom 2015.

While baring your abs at prom may seem a little scary, the styles we’ve seen so far do it in a way that’s still subtle, elegant, and perfect for almost any body type (no need to start doing crunches!), since they show just a sliver of skin.

This dress was part of the Sherri Hill Spring/Summer 2015 runway show has to be one of our favorites. The full skirt and the high neckline balance out the crop top, making this dress the perfect mix of conservative and daring.

Sherri hill prom 2015


We also have a number of crop-top styles already in stock at the store. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sherri_Hill_21260_ivory_black_21260_s14_3 Sherri_Hill_11068_black_multi_11068_s14_4.jpg

If you like the look but still aren’t sure about pulling it off, one of the other big styles for prom 2015 is the perfect mix between a traditional silhouette and a crop top: The cutout dress. We can’t get enough of this one, by La Femme.

le femme cutout prom dress- 19672_SapphireBlue_F


Would you wear a crop top style dress to prom? Let us know in the comments section!

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