5 Awesome Themes for Prom 2015

Deciding on a theme for prom might just be the best part of the big day. A good theme can make the day more special and will give your class the chance to have a little fun! So if you’re part of the prom committee and have a say in what this year’s party theme is going to be, here are 5 of our favorite ideas to help you out:

1. Great Gatsby
When scouring Pinterest, Great Gatsby themed weddings are everywhere, but since your wedding day may be a little far away to think about, why not try it out for a prom theme instead? With beaded headpieces and flapper-esque dresses this theme will bring glamour to the next level. And the best part? You’ll have an excuse to watch the Great Gatsby over and over again for party ideas.

prom theme
via etsy user glimmerofgold

2. Midsummer Night’s Dream
There’s nothing more romantic than a summer night, so why not make it a theme for your school’s prom night. Envision yourself walking through a fairytale forest complete with twinkling lights and mason jar lanterns.

via countryclubflowers.blogspot.com

3. Alice In Wonderland
Prom is a time to let loose and have a little fun, and what’s more fun than Alice in Wonderland? This prom theme definitely takes the fairytale concept to a whole new level. This party idea will give you the chance to fill your banquet hall with colorful balloons, eclectic teacups, and tons of wild flowers. It’s also a great excuse to pick out the most colorful dress and try out that funky red lipstick you’ve been dying to wear.

prom theme
via thecitycollection.org

4. Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Balls are a party right of passage. What better excuse do you need to get one of those beautiful masquerade masks than for prom night?You’ll be able to channel some old hollywood glamour with an elaborate gown and jewels to match. Plus, the theme will add an air of mystery to the night, making it all the more special.

via pokadotbride.com

5. Under The Sea
Starfish, seashells, and fishing net can be romantic if set up in the right way. This theme will allow you to have fun with the decorations—why not try some blue punch or a photobooth with goggles and fish balloons. Plus the nautical theme will allow you to channel your inner mermaid… and who doesn’t love that?

under the sea
via houseofwu.com


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