Destination Weddings featuring this Color Blocked Mignon VM918 and Ruched Jovani 5750



Ahhhh!  Over-seas weddings. Don’t we all wish we were being whisked away to the Caribbean, the Alps, or Hawaii to watch one of our close friends or relatives tie the knot?

Exotic locals make weddings unforgettable bonding experiences for all involved. Destination weddings within the States also serve the same purpose. These destination weddings are not meant to be stressful — in fact, they serve as a getaway vacation for the guests too! Finding a dress should not be any stress at all! There are endless styles out there, and there are tons here at Glitterati Style! Here are some looks we paired together for destination weddings! Our favorites include this color blocked Mignon VM918, and green ombre or solid gray Jovani 5750!


Visit our website  to see all of our other stunning dresses and accessories.


jovani_5750 grey and emerald


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