Finding Your Prom Dress Early

Some of you might have completely forgotten about prom after the season has come and gone, but others, the real go-getters, are out there shopping for their prom dresses now. Finding your prom dress early makes everything so easy come spring. While your friends are stressing out about finding the right dress, you can sit back and relax and stare at your dress hanging up in your room. It’s only July now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be shopping for your prom dress! Look at Alexa, who came into Glitterati today in search of her prom dress for Prom 2015. We sat down Alexa for a couple of minutes to ask her about why finding her dress early is so beneficial. In fact, she got her prom dress last year in September!


Q: What was the best part of finding your prom dress in the early fall?

Alexa: It was easier because there was way less people and many more options, and I ended up getting the first dress I tried on.


Q: What were all your friends saying when you got your dress so early?

Alexa: Closer to prom season, they all were saying that they wish that they did it as early as I did. Some of them even had trouble finding a dress last minute.


Q: Were they all jealous of you when you already had your dress as they were still searching?

Alexa: Yes. Very. In fact, they brought me with them because they knew that I already got mine so I had some experience.

Here’s some pictures of Alexa in her perfect Jovani from last year that she purchased early in September, as well as some pictures of her trying on this gorgeous Ashley Lauren!

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